I was born in 1958 and grew up near London. I now live in Devon, UK.

After 17 years in nursing, I enjoyed a career break to raise my children and then took a degree in Textiles, graduating in 2006. I discovered my quirky side! I found excitement in using materials with a history, and a love of art with an element of fun and the unexpected.

While researching my degree thesis on Art from Recycled Materials, I discovered images of religious festival headdresses from Ecuador.

These were so bizarre – decorated with a crazy mixture of random found objects: broken jewellery, shells, dolls, light bulbs, coins etc. I loved them. The headdresses became the inspiration for my final year project – a collection of hand-stitched brooches embellished with a variety of small found objects.

While making the brooches, I collected lots of materials which were too big to be used. One day, about a year after completing my degree, the idea of making a portrait just came into my head. A new direction was born.

I use any materials of the right size, shape and colour: toys, shells, buttons, plastic cutlery, beads, broken jewellery, etc. No colour is added – everything is used ‘as found’.

After making many portraits, I started creating Plastic Classics, followed by a series of animals and birds.

“What a gorgeous reinterpretation of the painting! I often see people’s reproductions of Vermeer’s Girl, and few “get” it. Jane Perkins has taken the portrait a step beyond and made it her own – a textured image that I bet would have made Vermeer smile.”

Tracy Chevalier, author of the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring
Girl with a Pearl Earring, after Vermeer, 74cm x 69cm, 2011